The National OGSE Sustainability Roadmap – Roundtable Discussion is a continuity of the OGSE Sustainability-themed Forum series to encourage the OGSE sector to successfully embark on sustainability practices. 

Jointly organised by the Economic Planning Unit and MPRC, this roundtable aims to seek clarity on what it takes for OGSE players to adopt Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices and chart a plan towards disclosing and presenting progress of ESG practices in their reports.

This roundtable brings together industry leaders and subject matter experts to share their insights to advance the development of OGSE players in ensuring a desirable outcome surrounding the sustainability and ESG space.


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On the 1st October 2021, MOGEC Council Member Mr Kirk Jean Belian presented at a convention of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) in Spain on UN Sustainable Goals. EASA is an international trade organisation of more than 1,700 electromechanical sales and service firms in 70 countries. Mr Belian’s presentation was entitled: ”How Elektroserve (M) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia is promoting the Energy Efficiency and Reliability for our industry in Malaysia, and how efficiency is increased by 1.5% on a typical Loher High Voltage Motor ".

The presentation was a complete study of the upgrade that could be made on large electrical rotating equipment to increase the life span and efficiency making it comparable to that of a brand new machine with the latest technologies. As electric motors consume a large chunk of electrical energy comparatively (53% globally and 70% in the industry), this shows that improving the efficiency of these machines even by a mere 1% will significantly and directly reduce carbon emission to the atmosphere. It also reduces the downtime of procuring a new machine, it is cost effective and increases the recycling industry within Malaysia.

The study also shows that most international standards do not cover countries with tropical weather as they represent only 7% of the worldwide industry. It has been decided that the study that was made in Malaysia with PETRONAS, will be used as the enabler for revisions to the relevant the international standards.
Mr Kirk Jean Belian has also been elected as a board member of EASA Europe and the rest of the world.